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About Us

Our company specializes in Customized Concierge Housecleaning.


The Concierge portion of our name is the remake of a family business named Condo Care, once owned and operated on the east coast of Florida in the nineteen eighties. Today, much like the concierge services of Condo Care, we provide an easy to budget fully customizable cleaning program. Fully customized by you, the client.


The Housecleaning portion of our name was started by an energetic young lady (Leigh Anne) in the nineteen nineties while she was still attending high school. Little did she know those extra earnings would become the foundation for Stirling as we know it today!


The word Sterling means “of the very best kind” which our company is striving to become. Some say we have achieved this status. We believe it’s a daily reward.


Sterling is derived from the city of Stirling in Scotland, and since both owners are of Scottish Heritage, it seemed fitting to use the name Stirling for our business.


Stirling Services specializes in our Customized Concierge Housecleaning.

In addition, we specialize in move-in/move-out property cleaning, “open house” cleaning, vacation rental cleaning, business office cleaning, and construction clean-up just to mention a few.


Stirling Services & Stanton Concierge is owned and operated by Jay and Leigh Anne Stanton.


We strive in using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients.


Gift Certificates are available for all services.


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