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House Cleaning


Including condos, villas

and apartments.

After Party Cleaning


Cleaning up after a successful party is not for the host anymore. And frankly if you had a really good time, it isn't that much fun either.

Monthly Home Checks


If you're away for thes season OR on vacation. We can supply peace of mind while you're way.

Deep Spring Cleaning


Bugs, cobwebs, and dust Oh My!! Let us take care of it for you!

Move In/Out Cleaning and Organization


Prepare your new home to help you settle in OR prepare your old home for the next generation.

Let us put that stuff away for you!!

Outdoor Birthday Table

Concierge Services


Decorating, house sitting.

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry


No time to start your laundry OR put away clothes?

Let us lighten the load! 



Inside/Outside Cabinets


Need a little organization in the pantry? Haven't seen your favorite China in awhile? 

Protecting your cabinet surfaces from grease and dirt will keep your kitchen looking fresh and bright. 



Inside Fridge


A clean regrigerator promises to keep food fresher! 

Inside Oven


No Self-Clean button? Suffocating from fumes?

We'll tackle the grime for you!



Interior Walls


Kiddie fingerprints, dirt & oil from pets. We got you covered!



Interior / Exterior Windows


The Sun is shining, it's a brand new day!

Interior, Exterior, screens and tracks.


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